I’m back

I’m back

Where’d I go?

Why’d I come back?

I totally lost track of how long it had been since I updated the blog. Hi folks, sorry about that. I started doing some social media content and business office things for a real estate photographer which included blog posts so my own blog sort of fell to the side while I got my feet under me. Something had to give and aside from my work that pays in actual money my writing is my priority.

Things have happened. some good, some bad, some will get their own blog post at a later date.

Working for this photographer is nice. She’s cool with me working from home or from my babysitting job, we have regular conversations about something new we have heard or seen and discuss if it would be applicable to her company. There is a lot of visual to the blogs so once I got the hang of things there isn’t the creative drain on my writing. I’m learning new skills which always excites me. I’ve even gone with her on a couple of shoots at some enormous houses to help her make floorplans. Some of what I’ve learned has me wondering if I can use some of this with my own blog.

So, I’m currently sitting here at my friend’s house watching my 2-year-old niece take a nap, finally ahead with my work and thought “hey I should try to do a post on my blog.”

I should be able to keep a better schedule from here on. Fingers crossed.


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